Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Joint Pain

Find relief from your pain and avoid surgery.

shutterstock_266867357Why chose Stem Cell Therapy for your knee pain?

Stem Cell Therapy offers an excellent treatment option for treating a multitude of knee conditions. It offers knee pain sufferers a safe alternative to surgery, that can offer faster and longer lasting relief than traditional non-surgical options. Our advanced team of doctors and medical professionals use your own cells to kick-start your body into healing the damaged / injured area. Stem Cell Therapy is an ideal option for those suffering from chronic knee pain.


Is Stem Cell Therapy right for you?

To help you decide if Stem Cell Therapy is right for you, we will review your history and any X-Rays or MRI results if needed, to see if you would be a good candidate. Our highly trained and educated staff will walk you through how the therapy works, and answer any questions you may have. With all of this information, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge needed to help you make this very important, life changing decision. Don’t wait another minute.


What knee conditions will it treat?

There are many conditions that cause chronic knee pain that can be treated with Stem Cell Therapy. One of the big ones is arthritis – osteoarthritis, arthritis, and yes rheumatoid arthritis. Then you have ligament tears and muscle damage injuries such as MCL and ACL injuries, degenerative knee damage, past sports injuries, scar tissue buildup, and more. At NSI Stem Cell Centers we have been able to help many people suffering from chronic knee pain.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

At NSI Stem Cell Centers we use Adipose(Fat)-Derived Stem Cell Therapy, which is an innovative treatment indicated for a wide variety of conditions and physical injuries. These are not embryonic stem cells or cells from fetuses. These regenerative cells come straight from your own body just a few hours before they are injected back into your body and put to work to heal disease or dysfunction.

We use Adipose(fat)-derived stem cells because they are easy to access, and they are “multi-potent”, which means that they have the ability to differentiate into muscle, tendons, ligaments, bone and cartilage. Once introduced into the damaged or diseased area, the stem cells can then work their magic to heal your damaged tissue and regenerate new healthy tissue.

Stem Cell Therapy is a breakthrough treatment option for people suffering with chronic knee pain. Often times, a patient will start feeling relief after only one treatment of Stem Cell. The components that make up Stem Cell Treatments have been found to have little to no immune response, which greatly reduces the risk of your body rejecting the treatment. It’s been found to be anti-microbial, prevent fibrosis, and provides support for correct tissue reconstruction. This is an extreme benefit for knee pain sufferers, who have had no lasting relief from their pain.

Stem cells are cells present in your body that haven’t been told by your body what it wants them to be. These special, healing packed cells can be turned into blood cells, muscle cells, tissue cells.. the list goes on. What we’re able to do at NSI Stem Cell Centers is program your very own cells to directly target your damaged, diseased, or injured knee.

It works like this, we will take these cells into a lab, where they are stimulated naturally to multiply and mature, and then deliver them back into the knee. Stem cells constantly regenerate, creating more and more healing cells. Most of our patients notice increasing improvements in knee function and relief from pain following their treatments.

What do you find in Stem Cells?


Anti-inflammatories reduce swelling which alleviates pain and discomfort, while stimulating antibody production.

Growth factors promote the healthy growth of cells and tissue.

Scaffold components repairs or replaces pieces of, or entire whole tissues.

MMP Inhibitors regulates and protects blood vessel stability.

What are people saying about Stem Cell Therapy for knee pain relief?

A week later I have a lot less pain. I’m 40% better than when I came here a week and a half ago. So I’m really really thrilled so far.


The pain that I’ve had over the past two years is comparatively nothing now at this point in time. My knee feels better, feels stronger than it has in a long time.


When I came here, I could barely walk. I was in a lot of discomfort. Now after treatment I walk normal. I have no pain.


Chronic knee pain can be debilitating and keep you from living the life you want to live. With other treatment options such as surgery or addictive pain medications, it’s no wonder people are starting to turn towards Stem Cell Therapy for pain relief. If you have been suffering with knee pain, don’t delay! Sign up for you free, no obligation Knee Pain Relief Consultation!

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The NSI Stem Cell Guide For Knee Pain

Start Living Pain Free

Your knee plays a large role in your ability to move and perform daily activities and therefore your long term health. Unfortunately, knee pain affects a significant portion of the adult population. As you grow older, the knee joint and cartilage can deteriorate and become damaged, resulting in osteoarthritis. Other potential knee-related problems include trauma or sports injuries.


At NSI Integrative Wellness, we are dedicated to only one goal—relieving your knee pain as quickly as possible without the use of surgery. Download The NSI Stem Cell Guide For Knee Pain to learn how Stem Cell Therapy can help relive knee pain and get you back to the things you love the most.